DIY cookie cutters

As I mentioned in my About Me section, I work in a University lab studying turtles.

Their vestibular systems, to be exact.

Looks like this

One of my coworkers is going back to graduate school this fall, and his last day is this Wednesday. I knew that I had to make him some turtle shaped cookies, but the problem was I couldn’t find any cookie cutters. (Amazingly, it was the one shape that was left out of my box of 100 cookie cutters)

So I decided to make my own!

What you will need:

  • A sheet of cheap aluminum cookware (I got a cookie sheet)
  • good scissors
  • a ruler
  • a pen
  • a picture of your desired shape (I printed one because I was in a lazy mood, but feel free to draw your own)
  • Electrical tape, or other thick tape

First, you want to draw a straight line using the ruler and very very VERY carefully (aluminum edges can be pretty sharp) use the scissors to cut along the line.

Start shaping the aluminum strip around your design, using the edge of the ruler to create sharp bends and being careful not to slice your hand open (I somehow managed to not bleed during this project!).

When you have your desired shape you staple the edges together a couple of times.

*I recommend keeping your shape somewhat simple, as it makes the folding easier and you can always jazz it up with frosting!*

For the final step, I covered the outside (upper) edges of the cutter with electrical tape so that I could safely hold it and use it without any injury to my person.

I’m not sure how sturdy this thing is, but hopefully it’ll last through a few batches of cookies!

I’ll post later with the cookie recipe. 





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