Grilled sirloin steak with blue cheese-chive butter

My boyfriend Jeremy is a big carnivore, so when I was thinking about what to make him for our mini anniversary, I of course decided on steak. I googled a couple different recipes and finally decided on this one.

The recipe called for flat iron steak, but it was crowded at Wegmans and I didn’t want to wait in line at the butcher, so I just bought a packaged sirloin instead (some of the comments on allrecipes stated they had used other cuts, so I wasn’t too worried about substituting for the sirloin.)

I followed the directions pretty much to a T, and it all went according to plan. We did run into some issues when we tried to grill it, because the steak was bigger than anything either of us had grilled.

Jeremy tried to be the man in the cooking duo, but every time he went to flip the steak it would flare up, so I had to step in =) It was fun showing off my fearlessness (I’ve gotten pretty used to setting my grill on fire)



We went back inside to check on the other food, and when we came back out the grill was smoking big time. We opened it up, and I guess the marinade had dripped down and caught on fire. It gave the meat a delicious smokey flavor, but what we had wanted to be medium-rare was now well-done. Oh well.

The blue cheese chive butter was easy to make, and delicious! I have a lot of gorgonzola left over and about half my chives left, and I’ll probably whip up another batch next time I grill some burgers.

Chopping the chives. Working at a restaurant gave me some pretty great knife-wielding skills

All in all, this was a fabulous recipe, and really easy to do. The ingredients may not be laying around your house, but if you go out of your way to pick them up, I think it’s definitely worth it. I’ll be making this one again!


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