My search for the best funfetti cupcake recipe! (Part 1)



I used to be the Queen of boxed funfetti cupcakes. I would make them all the time. Literally.

I was so fabulous at making these colorful cupcakes that one of my high school friends joked that when she got married I would have to bake them for her in lieu of a wedding cake. (The trick is to cook them for one less minute than it says on the box.)

So when I started baking from scratch I knew right away that I had to find or create the BEST funfetti recipe. Nothing less than perfect would make the cut. If that meant I had to make batch after batch of cupcakes, then so be it! =)

 My first attempt came out successful. As cupcakes go, they were certainly delicious. But there was something not perfect enough about them for me to accept them as the ultimate cupcake.

But I did frost them successfully using a decorating bag and a 1M star decorating tip, which is pretty exciting (If only I didn’t drop the box and smush them when I was bringing them to work!)

And I now have this awesome picture, which is currently the background on my computer:


So my quest continues. If you have a recipe for delicious and fluffy vanilla cupcakes or frosting please please PLEASE let me know!!!

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  1. I used to love funfetti cakes too – my Grandma would make them a lot when she came to visit. I have lots of cake and frosting recipes but don’t think any deserve the best ever title. Your frosting is perfect – my frosting skills suck.

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