Disney World!!!

Starting Monday, September 12th through Sunday the 18th I will be on vacation in Walt Disney World with my boyfriend. We’ve essentially been planning this trip since we started dating forever ago, but it took us this long to save up enough money for an all-out crazy awesome vacation.

We decided our best bet was to give with a dining plan. I had so much fun looking at all the menus and reviews for restaurants and making the reservations, with Jeremy’s help of course. 🙂

My goal is to move from cooking blogger to restaurant blogger for the week! I’m going to sample lots of different foods, take billions of pictures, and then put into words what I tasted, saw, smelled and experienced. Just because you aren’t coming with me doesn’t mean I can’t bring you along for the ride!

On our plate, so to speak, we have (click the links for menus and pictures):

Magic Kingdom:

 Animal Kingdom:

 Hollywood Studios: We didn’t like any of the sit down restaurants, so we’ll just eat at Pizza Planet and save our meal for Epcot


  • Biergarten: German buffet style meal with a fun show
  • Chef’s de France: (above) My top pick, a fancy sit down restaurant in the French pavilion that looks so amazingly good
  • Restaurant Marrakesh: The one Jeremy picked, located in the Moroccan pavilion. Something different to try!

We also have tickets for Universal Studios (HARRY POTTER!!!!) and free passes to the water parks, so we’ll hit that up if we have time.

While I’m away I might remotely post a thing or two, with Ken’s help. But for the most part you won’t hear from me! So goodbye for now, and wish me luck!!!

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