Ice cream and cameras

I didn’t know where else to post these things, so I just combined them into one mini-post! 

The Camera:

Over labor day weekend, my friends, my boyfriend and I drove to Lake George in the Adirondacks. We stayed at a friend’s adorable cabin and went hiking, played lots of mini golf, and went on an old steamboat, the Mini Ha Ha.

We had a blast! There was only one problem…I lost my camera. That’s right folks, I lost my digital camera five days before I was leaving for Disney World. I wasn’t about to NOT take pictures when I was there, so I did the only logical thing I could think to do:

Spent all my money on a gorgeous Nikon d3000 SLR.

I’d been planning to upgrade sooner or later, so losing my beloved point and shoot was the push I needed to make the big plunge. I love it already, and just wait until you see the pictures of food it can take! I’m still figuring out exactly how to use it, but you’ll see a definite increase in the quality of my photos on the blog as time goes on.

And just to prove it, here is a picture of my adorable nephew!

 Now click the picture and zoom in until you can see every eyelash, and even the dried snot on his adorable button nose. That’s a nice camera 🙂

The Ice Cream:

Now, there’s something you must know about me: I’m a planner. I don’t like waiting until the last minute to make plans, I get annoyed when I don’t know what I’m doing later that night, and I refuse to walk into a place like Disney World blind.

I was floored when a mother waiting in line for the shuttle turned to me and Jeremy and said, “this is our first trip here, what rides are good?”

You mean you don’t know everything about every single park?! You didn’t make a schedule with different colors for the parades and restaurants and fireworks shows? You didn’t watch videos of the rides to make sure you wanted to go on them? Don’t tell me you’re going to a restaurant without reading the menus and reviews and making reservations?!?!?! *faint*

All my friends made fun of my obsessive planning, but Jeremy and I got to reap the benefits. And the best thing I learned was from a blog (I forgot which one! Sorry!) that pointed us towards the Aloha Isle stand in Adventureland, in the Magic Kingdom.

Which is the only place you can find this:

Pineapple ice cream. 

The most delicious, refreshing ice cream you will likely ever eat. The one in the picture is actually a pineapple ice cream float, with pineapple juice at the bottom of the cup. And when it’s 95 degrees and hazy outside, there’s nothing better than this. It’s like tart and fruity heaven, delivered as a snack on your meal plan.

So! If you’re ever in Disney World, you have to go to the Aloha Isle and try this. You’ll thank me, I promise.

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