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Brie stuffed mushrooms


Time seems to be moving so quickly! Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years all flew by, and I cannot believe we are nearing Valentine’s day already. I don’t have anything huge planned this year (although I’m very much looking forward to it), but if you’re looking to make a delicious, romantic meal at home to impressed your significant other, might I suggest whipping up a batch of these?

Everything about this dish screams Sexy. You take brie, one of the creamiest, most indulgent cheese ever, pair it with some juicy mushroom caps sauteed in butter, and top it off with sauteed garlic, green onions, and parsley for one of the most incredible little appetizers you will ever eat.

And do you know the best part about it? They take like 10 minutes to throw together, leaving you lots of time to uncork that bottle of wine and snuggle up. ūüėČ Continue reading

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Taco soup

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First off, let me apologize for my absence. I was fighting off being sick, and somehow lounging around in my pajamas, watching the food network, and working my way through a bag of mini marshmallows seemed like the better option than cooking and blogging. I’m sure you understand.

Sickness and marshmallow¬†tummy aches aside, I’ve been slacking. I didn’t come up with a great theme for this week, so I let my freezer direct what direction I would take. And when you have 2 pounds of ground turkey to use up, you fire up the crock pot and make something fun!

Hence, taco soup.

I will preface by saying that “taco soup” is essentially watery chili. The next time I make it, I want to increase the amount of liquid so that it’s even more of a soup, because the flavors in the broth were phenomenal, and by far the best part.

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Spinach and artichoke pizza

spinach and artichoke pizza, garlic pizza, white pizza, garlic sauce

One of the only good things about being an adult, I’ve recently found, is that you get to expand your taste palette and eat fancier things. You have more money to purchase food, you have taste buds that are suddenly sophisticated, and you have a desire to try new things.

One of my favorite new combinations (probably not new to anyone else) is spinach and artichokes. Now, I’ve mentioned before how much I love artichokes, and spinach is something that pretty much everyone enjoys. It’s soggy,¬†absorbent, and packed full of nutrients. And when you combine them with a lot of gooey cheese…


You normally find this intoxicating combination in dips, several of which I’ve made recently. But when you cut out the cream cheese, half-and-half, and a good amount of the cheese, and slap your veggies on a thin, crispy pizza crust with some fabulous garlic sauce, and you have a (mildly) healthier version. Continue reading


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Pizza dough

It’s pizza week here at the Dash and a Pinch test kitchen (aka: my mom’s kitchen), and we’re baking up some delicious pies that really impressed our qualified team of taste testers (aka: me, Ken, and my mom). The first step was to tackle some homemade pizza dough, which was daunting because we all know about my previous failure to get baked goods to rise.

But this was so easy and fun, and it was really satisfying to eat a pizza we had made entirely from scratch. So if I can do it, you really have no excuse to buy pre-made dough, especially when you have all the ingredients already at home. Continue reading


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Comfort food broccoli casserole


broccoli casserole, broccoli side dish, cheese, cheddar, cheesy broccoli, kid friendly, delicious, healthy, low fat

This is another “I can’t believe this isn’t terrible for me!” recipe, from my healthy and indulgent cookbook.

Broccoli casserole is a standard comfort food side dish, but it’s typically made with cream, mayonaise, miracle whip and unhealthy amounts of cheese. As awesome as that sounds, here is a lighter version that substitutes healthier ingredients without sacrificing that amazing rich creaminess.

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Low-fat spinach fettuccini

How many of us have made New Years Resolutions?

How many of us have already broken them, not even three days into the year?

I’m certain that many of you have resolved to eat better, lose weight, get healthier. Not like last year, where you broke down and cancelled that gym membership in February, this year will be different!

Disclaimer: as I write this, I am elbow deep in a bag of skittles. So perhaps I’m not the best life coach. In fact…don’t listen to me at all.¬†

My New Years resolutions (for life, not for cooking) consist mostly of being happier, healthier, and figuring out what the hell I plan on doing with my life. Easy enough, right?

What we all can do though, is challenge ourselves to find or create some delicious and satisfying recipes that aren’t horrible for you. (They don’t even need to be healthy, but they can’t be terribly unhealthy.) I’m going to help by starting the year off with some delicious spinach¬†fettuccine, from my new Cooking Light cookbook I got for Christmas (you’ll be seeing a lot of cookbook recipes now). Continue reading


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