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The idiot’s guide to being a moderately successful author at 24

The question or comment I get most often has to do with how “accomplished” I am at such a young age. Yes, I have a published book at 24, and am making decent money off of it. Yes, my second book is in the process of being edited and should be published this spring.


Yes, I’ve taught myself how to cook and take nice photos in the past year and a half. Yes, I have a good deal of artistic talent that I rarely use, but comes in handy when making multi-tiered cakes.

And when I compare myself to other’s my age, I do feel very mature. And very accomplished. And quite pathetic, actually.

Because here’s the brutal honesty, folks. You want to know how I have time to do it all? The answer is simple, really… Continue reading


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Star Wars birthday cake

I know, I know. I’ve been bad at blogging this year. But I’ve been great about everything else! I’ve been working hard at work, my book, some art projects, and oh yeah, a ginormous cake that totally blows away anything else I’ve ever made!!!

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That’s right. The most epic cake ever, and totally a surprise for Kevin’s 26th birthday (he thought I was making a tardis cake! Could we get any nerdier?)

I started this on Sunday and finally stacked it on Friday. It consists of 12 separate cake layers (chocolate and vanilla alternating) with buttercream filling, and about six pounds of homemade marshmallow fondant. People seem surprised when they discover how expensive wedding cakes are. I will guess that this barely made it under $100, especially when I take into account all the extra tools and supplies from Michaels I needed. It’s almost creepy how much butter and sugar is in that thing…

I designed it months ago, knowing that Kevin’s birthday falls only three days after our one-year anniversary (we always joke about our poor planning). I of course knew right away that I wanted to do Star Wars, because I thought it would work perfectly for the ambitious, multi-tiered design I had in mind.  Continue reading


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Dreaming of Curacao

I’m sad to say that I’m starting off the new year in vacation withdrawal. I know vacations are supposed to rejuvenate and energize you, get you ready to jump back into your life.

It just reminded me of how much prettier the rest of the world is.

Don’t get me wrong, New England is great. Especially in the fall. But not so much during the winter. I get all claustrophobic and cold, and pretty much just mope around in my pajamas trying to pass the time.

Fried whole red snapper

And when you just got back from a cruise where the food was all free…you forget how to feed yourself. I’ve been living on cereal since I returned two weeks ago. But I DID finish the first draft of my second book, and as I work on editing it I will start cooking through some of the recipes in it and post them to get you pumped for it’s summer release. 

But until then, let’s just swoon over Curacao, shall we?

It’s absolutely stunning there. The colors are breathtaking, and the food aint bad, either. Especially when you consider the delicious gouda! Which I bought.

So I decided to recreate an awesome panini I had in a tiny little restaurant in Otrobanda.

Honestly, I just adapted the recipe from here, which turned out awesome.

Yum. Wasn’t as good as the authentic sandwich, but I think that’s because the snow and grey clouds here in Rochester just bum me out. I miss the sun 🙁

And the colors.


All in all, it was a wonderful trip that I’m sure I’ll talk more about later. Hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of cooking soon, because I’m getting sick of cereal! Happy New Year everyone 🙂

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