How many hobbies is too many?

First off, sorry about the lack of fun recipes recently. I’ve been in a food funk where I prefer to eat processed food rather than make my own meals, and as a result, I grow fatter and lazier by the day. The gross Rochester weather always kicks my ass and makes me want to curl up with my laptop by the fire. The very idea of lacing up my sneakers to go for a run sends me diving under my blankets in fear.

So, obviously, my mind has turned to other things. Mainly, art.

I always go through phases, as I’m sure most people do, with what currently holds my attention. Whether it’s writing like a maniac, studying books on photography, whipping up culinary masterpieces, or teaching myself how to paint (again!), I cycle through them all each year it seems.

We just moved into new offices for work, and the blank walls got my itching to get out my paintbrushes for the first time in over a year. The result?

photo (4)

Super nerdy neuron art!

photo (3)


I also made this tryptic of a tree, inspired by pinterest and the mass quantities of sparkly christmas decorations I got on sale at Michael’s.

photo (2)I apologize for the lack of quality photos, I just took these with my phone.

But sitting in front of the tv for hours and hours with a paintbrush in my hand, paint covering my sweatpants, I remembered how cathartic it is to just create something. So I decided in my typical, impulsive fashion, to spend tons of money on new art supplies, buy an instructional book, and move everything into the empty office at home, which is currently mid-renovation.

photo (5)

I can organize everything, lay it out where I can see it, and actually sit in a chair while I work, instead of hunched over my canvas on the family room floor.

And the book I got is incredible. For anyone looking to pick up painting, I seriously recommend Lee Hammond’s Big Book of Acrylic Painting. It has so many great explanations and exercises for practicing techniques, I feel like I am really relearning the basics of painting, instead of making it up as I go along.

photo (6)


So, yes.  Food blog, painting post…doesn’t make much sense. But I wanted to prove to you that I’m hard at work conquering another hobby, while sort of putting the others on hold. I have some great recipes planned for the next week or so though, so check back!




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2 Responses to How many hobbies is too many?

  1. Tracy

    Amazing paintings – I especially love those nerdy neuron ones! And I totally feel you on the Rochester weather (as I sit here huddled under the blankets drinking chai while I type this, lol). I’ve been thinking about working on another quilt since it’s been forever since I’ve used my sewing machine. What else are we supposed to do when the weather is like this, right? 😛

  2. stephchows

    OO how fun! I love busting out the paint but mine are definitely more abstract all over the place LOL.

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