Live blog: Great Gatsby Cake

***As it is now Tuesday and the competition is over, and I have caught up on sleep, I am going to recreate a live play by play of my cake weekend through pictures and texts I sent. The next post will be the results and finished pictures!***

So on Thursday I was sitting at the dining room table editing some game of thrones and doctor who blog pictures for a nerdy blog post, and my mom sent me an email. When I opened it I found a link to an “Edible Books Competetion” held by Friends of the Rochester Public Library. The goal was to create a book inspired sculpture made entirely out of food.

Perfect for me, right? Only one problem:

The competition was this sunday. As in two days. Two days to plan, bake, construct and decorate a HUGE cake. Luckily Beth has agreed to help me, and with the help of some Mountain Dew I am powering through the baking process. Kevin suggested I live blog my progress, so we can see if it’s even possible to make something this elaborate in such a short period of time. Updates probs will be short, I don’t have the luxury of spare time, but we’ll give it a shot!

Friday, 12:12 (49 hours until competetion) 

Home from work, got new tires today. $600 poorer, I begin cake construction. The planning stage is just about complete, texted a picture of my plan to Beth. She likes it.



Friday, 3:07 (46 hours until competition)

I have successfully baked a total of 8 cakes and 6 sheets of rice crispies. I have about 2 pounds of fondant all finished, and I’m starting on another two. Then it’s onto the buttercream, and hopefully I have enough ingredients to make it!

photo (13)Also this happened.

photo (14)Oops


I am starting to crash, which isn’t a good sign because I’m going to be doing this all night. I’m worried my latest batch of fondant doesn’t have the right consistency, but we’ll have to wait and see. I’m starving, but there doesn’t seem to be a good time to stop and eat. besides, there’s nothing in my house besides empty marshmallow bags and powdered sugar. Somebody bring me a pizza!


Success! Mom is getting me a pizza for dinner. And I am going to take a break and play some Lego Indiana Jones on my Wii!


Beth is on her way with more ingredients, because of course I ran out. And the quadruple batch of rice crispies did not go very far.

photo (15)I had just enough to cover the board and sculpt the house stairs.

photo (16)Oh, the best part about this? The fact that I’m getting a cavity filled on Monday! So I’m trying to stay away from too much sugar…which is difficult when I’ve used 8 bags of marshmallows and 5 pounds of powdered sugar!

11:10 pm

13 - 12


Making a GIGANTIC batch of rice crispies. Again.


Beth and I have been crazy hard at work for hours now, she’s been working on the car for the top of the cake, doing an awesome job sculpting it out of rice crispies.


I have been working on the Daisy cake, as we call it. Light and feminine and pretty, just like Daisy. The lace impressions were made by literally rolling a piece of lace onto fondant and then cutting out the design. There are easier ways, but not when you don’t have time to order impression mats online! It’s rough, and I’m not thrilled with it. But it’s time for bed now, and I’ll fix it tomorrow (hopefully?)

Saturday, 10:00 am (28 hours until competition)

Kill me now. I was up until 12:30 this morning with Beth working on the cake, and I slept like crap. After trying to pour my cat a bowl of Fruity Pebbles for breakfast, I realized I should get some more sleep. So I’m getting a late start this morning. Just gotta keep forging ahead, and try not to collapse from exhaustion.


Beth is here now, and we are happily watching Tangled and working. She’s back at work on her car, and I quickly cover the backyard (made of rice crispies) with a green grass fondant, and cut out the pool. Then I marble some pink and white fondant, and hand lay the individual tiles to make his awesome pool.



IMG_3239Pool with rock patio and marbled fountain. We’re still uncertain what we would use to fill the pool at this point, but hoping something easy that I can use to sculpt falling water that leaps from the fountain into the pool…but we’ll see.


Beth is gone again, and I’m about to frost Gatsby’s house, and use a wood textured impression mat to make the walls of his house. Watching the Great Gatsby on Netflix for inspiration. Making me rethink the color scheme…


Starting in on covering Beth’s awesome car in fondant!





Car is just about done! You can see Gatsby’s house in the background, along with the photos I was using for inspiration.

photo (18)

2:39 am



I feel like death. These windows were a pain in the ass, as well as the architectural detail on top of them. At least Gatsby came out successfully, and I’m digging the little potted plants.

Sleep will not come easily, as I had about 2 liters of mountain dew. ugh.

8:00 am

Slept restlessly from 3-6:30 am, but it was not enough. And yet my brain was too nervous to let me sleep anymore, because there’s still SO MUCH TO DO! Made three trays of jello, which are cooling in the fridge. Making my last batch of fondant.

Proceed to cover his yard in darker green grass, to better represent the night scene.


Beth is here, finished Gatsby’s car with an awesome license plate, and together we filled the pool with the clear jello. I’m loving it.


We did a happy dance, finished up all the rest of the details, I showered, and then we loaded the car…

See the next post for the “real” pics, and to see the results!!!

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