Freelancing, graduations, and paperbacks


It’s been a pretty exciting month so far for me. Remember when I entered that cake contest in April, and I tied for first place? Well, one of the judges owns Premier Pastry on South Ave, and he also puts together the South Wedge Quarterly, which explores life in the South Wedge.

He invited me to write a few articles for the summer issue, as well as submit a chapter of Baking Bree for their literary section! So basically, I’m a badass freelance writer.

Which means I’m totally legit now.

For my articles I had to explore a spice shop and come up with a few recipes using some barbeque rubs. The above is a photo of my butcher’s rub burgers with garlic aoili and sweet potato fries.


This is my crazy flavorful “road kill” tilapia. 


I served it with some yummy roasted brussel sprouts and some pasta.

So I wrote up the article and sent it to Philip, and hopefully I’ll be able to boast some street cred next month, with my name in print!

Also, this weekend is Kevin’s graduation from Union Graduate School!!! As much as I looooove Schenectady, NY (sarcasm alert), it’ll be nice to have him in Buffalo, which is only an hour drive compared to the three that it takes to get to him now.


Look at him! He’s so stinking cute. We’ve been dating for a year and a half, and though we thought that we were crazy at first for attempting a long distance relationship right off the bat, I couldn’t ask for a better guy.

Plus, intelligence is way sexy, and he has an M.B.A. now!

In other news, I am working on getting paperback copies of Passion’s Tide AND Baking Bree!!! It’s pushing work on Starting from Scratch back a bit, but I think having physical copies will be totally worth it. I will keep you updated on that progress, so that you call all buy a million copies when they come out.


More recipes coming soon!






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  1. Ashley Bee (Quarter Life Crisis Cuisine)

    Congrats, lady!! 🙂

  2. stephchows

    Huge congrats!! Let us know when the articles print I’ll have to go grab a copy from the wedge!!! so fun!!! and congrats on all the other stuff too! so many congrats!

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