Updates (and parenthetical comments)

Kevin graduated (yay!)

I just submitted Passion’s Tide to Createspace for final review before it starts printing (double yay!)

I’m hard at work outlining book 3 (triple yay!)

I’ve signed up for my first 5K (oh dear god, what have I done?)

And tonight I’m going to ZooBrew at the Seneca Park Zoo, hopefully to get intoxicated and look at the animals. Half of which I  know by name, as I worked at the zoo when I was 17. (Yay orangutans!)

Annnnnd I’m a terrible blogger, I know. The weather has been nice so I’ve read three books this week, went for 4 runs (unheard of), cleaned a bunch, did some gardening, and a whole lot of laying about in my hammock. I did buy some amazing meat to do some amazing grilling things with Kevin, so I’ll snap some pictures and post some recipes. (Mmm…meat)

So…yeah! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Tracy

    Congrats on Passion’s Tide going to print – it’s such a great book!!

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