I MISSED ELIJAH WOOD DOING ANOTHER AMA ON REDDIT. For most people who don’t live on the internet like the rest of my generation, it means that I can never tell him about my undying love for him.

I can never share with him all the beautiful fan fiction that I wrote under the pen name Rebel Hobbit, the fact that I carved his initials into wet cement when I was 14 and forgot about it for 10 years until I went on a run in my neighborhood,


that I made a giant cake of Bag End,

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That it’s a running joke in my family about inviting Elijah Wood to Passover because one year I taped his picture all over Elijah the prophet’s wine cup,

and a million more, horribly embarrassing things I did as a crazed fangirl that would probably creep him out to know.

So yeah, I Just wanted to vent. Even though I’m no longer filled with angsty longing for his beautiful blue eyes…ok fine. Maybe I still am. Old habits die hard.

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