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I have been so stinking good about writing recently! It’s incredible how fast you can create a book when you dedicate yourself entirely to it. Everything else comes second. You have to immerse yourself in the world, spend hours a day with these characters so that even when you’re done for the day, and you’re laying awake in bed, you are planning the next scene.

I had a very successful sale for Baking Bree in February. Over 15,000 free copies were downloaded from Amazon, and I got a dozen or so new reviews. Most of them are great, though there are a few who don’t appreciate my “Vulgar” sense of humor. It wasn’t like I didn’t warn them my characters would be swearing…the very first word of the book is “shit!”

But many of the reviews and comments on my blog and facebook group were from people asking about the sequel, which I had been struggling with. So I said, screw it. My life now consists of three things:

  1. Work
  2. Going to the gym
  3. Writing. That is, a minimum of 2,000 words a day. To non writers, that number seems foreign, so let me break it down. My first two novels averaged 130,000 words, so it stands to reason that if I write 2,000 words a day I can finish the book in roughly two months. The fast pace leaves me with a very rough first draft, but the idea of editing makes me so happy that it pushes me to get words onto the screen, even if they’re stupid words and I end up changing them all.

So, the good news: I have reached the halfway point!

Bad news: I still have to finish it, and then edit the hell out of it before it’s published. But I am so eager to be done with this so I can satisfy my readers’ curiosity, as well as dedicate my time to something I truly miss:

Video games.


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  1. As one of the reviewers who is anxiously awaiting the sequel, YAY! I’m hoping for: At least as much humor, if not more; happiness for the kid; Bree to be part of it so that we can eat up her happy ending. Just my personal requests…

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