Someday my pinch will come

This Dash has finally met her Pinch Charming!

photo 3WHAAAAAAT?!?!?!

Kevin proposed last week while we were having my birthday dinner at Aperativo in Schenectady, which has been our favorite restaurant since we started dating. The ring is absolutely stunning, and he got my style so perfectly. It’s unique and antique and shiny and really pretty and shiny!

photo 2The funny thing is, I had joked about him proposing at this dinner for weeks, saying it would be so perfect and convenient, not really expecting that he had purchased a ring and had hidden it away in the pocket of his shark shorts:

10403969_10202492918028830_8002313760625845671_oHow romantic 😛

To be fair, as we were getting dressed for the evening, he offered to change. I believe my exact words were, “hells no, I want you to propose wearing shark shorts!”

cartoon-tyrannosaurus-rex-15156091After I got out of the bathroom and my creme brulee showed up, he reached for his pocket to grab the ring. Too bad I was hyper alert and was like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” So he took out his phone for a birthday photo instead. Then, when I was distracted by sugar, he got down on one knee.

photo 1I was crying and laughing, and pretty much unable to see the ring in close enough detail because I was wearing contacts, but all in all, it was a great night.


We had to keep it secret for a day so that we could tell our families in person, but we had a lot of fun announcing it. His caption for this photo was “I’ve made a huge mistake.”

So basically, super stoked. No idea when/where the wedding will be, but we’ve started looking at places online together. It’s adorable that he’s involved, and I’m just so lucky to have a wonderful guy to put up with my craziness. Plus, he’s got a sweet present coming 🙂

In other news…one week until I leave for Israel!





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