Modern Wedding invitations, DIY envelope liners, and Branding your wedding

Time for another wedding post, over 1 year since I got married! One of the most stressful things for me was picking out my wedding stationary. I kept going back and forth between making my own and buying invitations from a company. But the kind that I wanted would have cost us roughly 1 billion dollars.


So finally I collected inspiration from invitations I liked, created my own template using Adobe InDesign, found a local printer, and got started. I ended up with a multi-step process that, when all put together, looked amazing and professional. Granted, it took a long time, but if you have endless patience and some audio books, you’ll end up with awesome invites for a FRACTION of the cost.

P.S. If people are interested, I can provide my indesign template fo frizzles


So here is the full bundle. I had:

  1. The invitation
  2. The accommodations
  3. RSVP card with envelope
  4. Reception information card
  5. Belly band with monogram square
  6. Envelope with liner that matched the belly band

I spent hours just looking for fonts! After awhile, your brain goes all woozy and they all look the same, but I eventually found a modern, blocky one called Corbert, and a legible script called You’re Invited. Together, they made an elegant but fun combination. I added colored borders to make them pop and establish the color scheme.

Just like with the fans, I used scrapbook paper to create the belly bands and envelope liners. By doing this, I ended up with a variety of colors and prints, and I got to pick which one went to which person. For the older generation, a simple, elegant shiny paper was used:


Really fun, cool people got fun colors:

IMG_4794 IMG_4795IMG_4796 IMG_4793 IMG_4792 IMG_4791

You could easily just buy one pattern but I’m an overacheiver who can’t make up her mind.

Kevin and I spent a long Saturday spread out in my office, him trying to format the printer to print addresses on the front of the envelopes, and me measuring, cutting, and gluing inserts into the envelopes after he had printed on them. I ordered the envelopes I think from, which was very affordable. I got a template online for the insert, traced it onto the craft paper, and cut it using a paper cutter and scissors for the rounded edge. I used tape runners to attach.

And to create a cohesive look, I reused the fonts, colors, and designs for other paper products for my wedding:


This is a crappy photo of the template I made for our photobooth pictures.


This was the cover of our program, including the adorbs cartoon I made of Kevin and I. It also graced our:


Hashtag signs, because of course we did.

I used the layered paper technique multiple times as well, 11892305_10205393580783586_3177421734816021563_o 11893939_10205393571023342_6851001192699271359_o

And had our monogram lit on the wall behind us the whole night!


It was a wonderful night, and everything was so damn cohesive and impressive, if I may toot my own horn 🙂 People were amazed at all the work that went into everything, because nothing was purchased, I had my hands in everything.

Eventually I will post about the yarn balls that we made as centerpieces: 11890552_10205393575743460_1475954227954328144_o

But I am waiting until I can re-use them for an awesome project I have planned. So it will be a double post!

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