Let it be known that I, Sarah *cough cough mumble mumble last name*, have moved into my first house. The house hunting process began in February when Kevin and I both received raises, and was tiring and stressful. I get bored easily, hate sitting in cars, and get sleepy when I don’t take weekend naps. So six hours of driving to open houses on a Sunday would wipe me out.

But lo and behold, we found our house. I won’t say it’s our forever home, because its kind of small, and not in the greatest school district. But it’s close to everything we wanted (read: work and WEGMANS), on an adorable, tree-lined street with friendly neighbors, and best of all?

The previous owner was a contractor. So every single update that I would have wanted to do was ALREADY DONE! Custom travertine tiled showers? Hand-laid tiled floors? Every light recessed and on a dimmer? Beautiful fenced backyard with huge, fenced in garden for me to plant veggies?!?!?! Stainless steel appliances? ALL DONE.

And it’s like a weight has been lifted. Not only a stressful weight, from living at home and dealing with uncertainty, but also a creativity-crushing weight. When I lived at home with my mother, she allowed me to do whatever I wanted to my bedroom. She also let me redo several rooms in the house, and valued my decorating opinion over anyone elses. However, she has simple, defined tastes. I have grandiose, creative, pinterest-y taste.

When Kevin and I lived in apartments I was limited by money and the temporary nature of our living situation. Why create something so impermanent, that would likely lose us our security deposit? That’s not to say I didn’t “improve” our apartment significantly, while spending lots of money 🙂

But now that I have my own house and a mostly indifferent husband, I can do whatever the hell I want! I can be held to my own standard, and I can have hella fun doing what I love: Creating stuff that makes me happy. Currently I’m working on a “built-in” shelving system that lines the dressing room area of our upstairs bedroom hallway. This means I’m buying cheap laminate furniture, and cutting it at an angle to fit into the eaves of the slanted ceiling. It’s not the cleanest job, but I have plans to make it look less sloppy. I’m obsessed with using space well and finding a home for everything I own. The way I store things must be efficient and pleasing. I haven’t even tackled my kitchen yet, because we don’t have a pantry and I know I will go nuts trying to make it perfect.

So basically, I feel happy, creative, in love, hopeful, snuggly, hungry, and kind of tired. But compared to six months ago, things are definitely looking up!

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