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As a young kid (heck, until I was 21, let’s be honest here), I refused to eat. I was simply the pickiest, most stubborn eater ever, and it’s amazing that I made it this far without succumbing to a horrible disease as a result of my terrible diet. But a stint working as a pantry chef at an Italian restaurant followed by getting my first 9-5 job ever instilled in me the desire to learn how to cook. It seemed like the next logical step in becoming an adult! 

My initial attempts were terrible, but I found that with my biggest supporter (hi, mom!) I could take my time figuring out new cooking methods and trying new things. After a few months of experimentation, I came up with the idea to start a blog! In it’s initial stages it was to document my successes and failures as a brand new chef. As time progressed, however, it began to shift into more of an actual food blog, with less failures and more successes.

I am in no way done growing as a chef, and I realize I am still in my infant stages as a blogger, but I hope that this blog encourages many of you to start cooking!

If the girl who lived on spaghettios and cereal for 22 years can try new foods and make some messes in the kitchen, you can too!


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  2. Nick Gerbino

    Holy goat cheese batman! Haha my apologies I had to try that line. But my name is Nick I am a junior at Rush-Henrietta. I want to be a chef more than anything in the world. My life up until now has consisted completely of being a stereotypical student athlete. When my grandma died I needed change. Im still the same kid but clothes changed hair changed and my view of the world changed. You only live once and its over in a second. I explored my love of writing and experimenting with flavors and the human nature. So a chef was the right path for me. I am currently trying to publish a book and reading your biography I discovered we are very much alike. I also have a great love of movies and the cinema and I am also currently training myself as a chef. (in my own kitchen) Hopefully you will respond because I would love to talk and pick your brain. Maybe you would even like to read some of my story sometime. Thanks for letting me run my mouth…key board. -Nick Gerbino

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