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Cornish game hens with wild rice and mushroom stuffing

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I’ve been sitting on this post for three weeks because I wasn’t thrilled with how the photos came out. I made this the weekend that my sister was in town, so I was trying to make a huge dinner while keeping an eye on my very curious nephew who suddenly wanted to cling to me. But I’m sucking it up and posting it, because regardless of how drab I made it seem with my less than stellar food styling, it was unbelievable. 

cornish, game, hens, poultry, chicken, stuffed, stuffing, mushroom, wild, rice, earthy, fall, autumn, fancy, date, romantic, sexy, porcini, shiitake, morel, chanterelle, legumes, veggies, vegan, vegetarian, roast, baked, crispy, tender, juicy, fungi


It was the most earthy, perfect-for-autumn dish you could imagine. I saw this recipe in my Oprah Magazine Cookbook that I got for Chanukah last year, and I’ve had it bookmarked for 10 months, just waiting for the leaves to start dropping so I could make this.

And it was worth the wait.  Continue reading


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Homemade pumpkin ravioli with sage cream sauce

First things first: Hi, I’ve missed you! I’m back in the field at work, testing patients on our computer diagnostic system, so I’m no longer able to cook during the day, work at night. Such is the life of a regular working stiff, though, so I have to get used to it.

Second: I’ve sold over 60 copies of my book in just a few short weeks! Are you one of the cool people reading Passion’s Tide? You should be!



You won’t believe how excited I am about this thing. It’s so pretty, and shiny, and powerful, and HEAVY! Why didn’t anyone tell me it weighs like 30 pounds?! But anyway, it’s beautiful, and it’s all mine!!


So after making cookies with the mixer (which took like…two seconds!) I decided to jump right in, feet first, in typical Sarah fashion: without reading instructions.

pumpkin, autumn, homemade, ravioli, pasta, dough, scratch, handmade, raviolis, press, sage, cream, sauce, fall, orange, beautiful, delicious, squash, halloween

And you know what? Everything came out better than expected. So watch out world! Sarah’s come a long way in a year, and she’s ready  to kick some more culinary ass!

Handmade pumpkin ravioli with sage cream sauce Continue reading


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Goldfish breaded chicken fingers

I’ve mentioned my nephew, Charlie, a few times already.

You know, the cutest damn kid in the world? And I’m not just saying that because I’m related to him, in fact, I consider many people I’m related to to be quite un-cute! 

You know who you are.

(Anna, I’m just kidding. You know you’re beautiful.)

P.S. for clarity, I will be supplementing this recipe with toddler speak, so that Charlie may understand this post and appreciate the love I have for him. 

Fsh in a haT

But anyway, one of Charlie’s favorite things (probably his favorite word, too!) is Goldfish (“Fsh”) crackers. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him more than five feet away from a cup full of them, and he’s munching on them all day, every day (“more, peas!”).

So when I found this idea in my Dinner Express (better homes and gardens) book, I knew I would have to adapt it for my favorite little guy! Continue reading


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Duck Risotto

duck, breast, legs, duck fat, skin, crispy, risotto, prosciutto, sexy, date, dinner, two, easy, sausage, andouille, wine, white, broth, onions, simmer, saute, baked, poultry, pasta, rice, arborrio

Duck…duck…sausage! Wait, that’s not right. No wonder kids don’t let me hang out with them.

While this dish may not have goose in it, it does have 2x the duck, and includes andouille sausage, prosciutto, and risotto cooked in the duck fat drippings. So all in all, it’s pretty freaking amazing. Because if there’s one thing that’s better than duck, it’s duck fat. Mmm….

Oh, and if you somehow weren’t already drooling over this dish, the recipe comes from Ree over at the Pioneer Woman!!! Continue reading


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Happy anniversary, Dash and a Pinch!!! (Part 1 of 3)

Holy crap!!!

It’s been an entire year since I started this blog as a way to document my attempts at learning how to cook. It’s been an amazing year, and I doubt I would have come this far if I didn’t have the motivation of this blog to keep me pushing forward.

At this point I’d like to clarify that I have never been to a cooking school, class, seminar, what have you. I am a self-taught cook, who picked up everything she knows from the internet, cookbooks, and trial and error.

This means that I have had some fun disasters in the past year, but as a whole, I am proud of how far I’ve come in just 365 days. To celebrate my 1 year anniversary (let’s be honest here, who thought I would keep this up this long?!), I am “recreating” my original disaster meal. My first posted recipes were of an unappetizing looking grilled cajun salmon, inedible grilled corn that caught on fire, and a good salad. Taking the main ingredients, I decided to put everything I’ve learned in one year into this meal. So enjoy the before and after!!!


Oh god. I shudder when I look at this picture.

I was having issues with my old grill that day. Mainly, the heating was SO uneven that my fish came out burned and undercooked simultaneously.  And then I chose to take an overhead picture, with flash (double shudder), on these horrific plates from the 1970’s. If I had any dignity I would take this picture down from the internet, burn all copies onto a CD, shatter that CD with a hammer, and throw the pieces in the microwave. And then bury it, just to make sure it’s really dead.

But, I like to look at it every once in awhile, so that when I look at my more recent, and much sexier food pictures, I swell up with pride.

salmon, grilled, fish, summer, giada, food network, recipe, spicy, salsa, citrus, lemon, mint, parsley, salsa verde, green, chilled, tangy, delicious

Now, I know that corn and salmon do not really go well together. But, as I made them together 1 year ago, so I had to pair them again. This made the food styling particularly difficult, but I’m fairly certain the salmon stands out enough on it’s own. Continue reading

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Grilled peanut butter and banana split sandwich

grilled, peanut butter, jelly, banana, strawberry, banana split, chocolate, honey, honey monkey, pineapple jam, jam, preserves, PB&J, grilled cheese, lunch, easy, fun, kid, children, weekday, weekend, toasted,

You know what? I think I’m getting way better at food photography and styling. 

Know how I know this? Because I have to spend WAY less time post processing my more recent photos, and when I look at the images I took, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of pride.

And hunger…

The recent additions to my photo “studio” (aka: dining room) have been my lovely macro lens, and two lowel ego lights. FINALLY I have a decent lighting set-up, and maybe, just maybe, one of my damn photos will make it onto food gawker. I’ll tell you more about the lights and lens and how great they are later (probably by updating my Photography page), but now I want to talk about lunch.

If memory serves me right, I don’t have any lunch recipes on my blog. Granted, I have a lot of meals that were reheated at lunch the following day, but never have I made and documented a dish specifically for the midday meal. Most of this stems from working 9-5 all week, but why not just make lunch on the weekends, Sarah?

Because I’m lazy. 

I’ve never been a sandwich person. I just haven’t. You might try to tell me that sandwiches are the lazy man’s ideal food, but from years of experience, I can assure you that a bowl of cereal provides an even faster way to fill your stomach. Bowl. Cereal. Milk. Spoon. Bam. Done.

None of this opening and closing refrigerator doors, aligning meat on the bread, spreading mayo and mustard and who knows what else, and to make matters worse, I rarely finish an entire sandwich. I have a tendency to get bored halfway through and walk away!

Now, you’re probably thinking, Why are you telling us this? Because I found an amazing sandwich that will tempt even the pickiest, laziest eaters ever. I devoured mine, and then immediately had to stop myself from making another. There’s always tomorrow though… Continue reading


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Flatbread pizza with arugula, goat cheese, roasted red peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, and truffle oil

flatbread, MiKros, beer bar, flatbread pizza, flat bread, dough, goat cheese, parmesan, zucchini, squash, red pepper, roasted red pepper, mushrooms, portobello, truffle oil, Wegmans, recipe, weekend, date night, date, evening, sexy

This pizza was an experiment in recreating a dish I had from Mikro Beer Bar in Hamden, CT. I got it when I was staying with my sister’s family a few weeks back, and I could not stop obsessing about it!

The best thing about this pizza is the truffle oil.




Truffle oil.

I’ve been meaning to buy this expensive oil for months now, but finally I had enough incentive to do it. Never before have I experienced something as potent and magical as this, where just the smallest drops can transform your dish into something rich and sophisticated.

I’m torn between wanting to preserve what I have left in the bottle, and wanting to drizzle it on EVERYTHING. I’m starting to see why truffles are so expensive, and why people pay exorbitant amounts for the tiniest taste of one. And I’m bummed that I have such rich tastes on such a poor budget. But I can’t get enough of this stuff!

Hey, I’m sure the federal government won’t notice if I skip paying off my college loans for a month or two, right? Continue reading


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Portobello mushroom burgers with chipotle mayo and onion rings

portobello burgers, mushroom burgers, grilled mushrooms, mushroom caps, grilled bellas, onion rings, onion straws, lettuce, tomato, chipotle mayo, mayonaise, spicy, breaded, delicious

There are two types of people in the world: those who believe that burgers should be simple and elegant, and those who think that the more stuff you can pile on top of it, the better it is.

This burger appeals to that second group. It has a bunch of awesome components that give it a great texture and spiciness. It takes a little longer to prepare, but it’s totally worth it. Especially when you consider swapping out the mushroom for a juicy, red hamburger.


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of mushrooms, and I love the portobello burger. I do my best to encourage other people who are biased against them to give my favorite fungi a chance, and I like to think I’ve brought a few over to the light side. But I’m a hearty meat eater, and it’s impossible to say no to a delicious, medium-rare burger.

So light that grill and throw some beef patties next to your mushroom caps, and try them both! See which one you like better. Continue reading


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Popcorn chicken (made with real popcorn!)

popcorn chicken, popcorn, real, made with real popcorn, lemon, fried chicken, chicken strips, chicken nuggets, kids, easy, fun, simple, weeknight, barbeque sauce, dipping, popped, corn, coating, bread crumbs, kernels, Parents magazine, recipes

How was your memorial day weekend? Mine was fabulous!!!

I went to my second cousin’s Bar Mitzvah in NYC, and the party was beyond amazing. As in, I had caviar, lamb chops, center cut sirloin, pizza with truffle oil, dim sun, crab cakes, cheese of every variety, and there was an open bar, of course 🙂

I got to introduce the boyfriend to my family, and I was able to impress everyone with how much I’ve matured in the past year, as well as bore them with details of my new job.

You heard me correctly. I have a new job. 

YAY!!! Only weeks before my current research grant ran out, I was offered a full time position doing super exciting clinical research. I made those brain cupcakes after my interview two weeks ago, and they ended up being the good luck charm I needed! So there’s going to be a lot of changes in the next few weeks, and I have no clue how my schedule will adapt to blogging/cooking/photography. But hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up, because I can’t imagine my life without it.

And while I was recovering from my food induced coma this weekend I found this recipe for real popcorn chicken in my sister’s Parents magazine, and immediately tore out the page. I imagined it would be a fun thing to make, and I was right! Continue reading


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Pasta with goat cheese sauce, chicken, asparagus, and mushrooms

shallots, goat cheese, pasta, goat cheese sauce, alfredo, lactose intolerant, mushrooms, easy, asparagus, chicken, pasta dish, weeknight, 20 minutes, twenty minutes, sautee, garlic

You might notice a goat cheese trend on my blog, and there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this phenomenon: I freaking love goat cheese.

But the main reason is because my boyfriend is lactose intolerant, and as he loves to cook with me, we have been trying out some low-lactose dishes. Luckily, there are some amazing recipes with goat cheese out there, like this delicious pasta medley that incorporates the goat cheese into a tangy, alfredo-like sauce.

Disclaimer: the photography might not be quite up to par for this post, as I was cooking at Kevin’s apartment and he has little to no counter space to set up lights.  Continue reading

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