Starting from Scratch

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Emily Anderson is used to being in control. For the first 30 years of her life everything she did was meticulously plotted out, whether it was getting into Harvard, marrying a handsome (if not too bright) cardiac surgeon, or cornering the housing market for Boston’s wealthiest. That is, of course, until she pulled the wool from her eyes and saw her life for what it was: shallow.

Now, with her marriage ruined and her social life falling apart, Emily decides to uproot herself and her son and move to Marblehead for the summer, into the quaint sea-side house her sister Bree inherited from their grandmother. It’s a rash decision, one she immediately regrets when Bree’s strange best friend Ray shows up on the doorstep in need of a place to live. 

As if that weren’t enough to deal with, she keeps running into her next door neighbor, Nick Fisher. He’s a young and flirtatious musician with whom Emily has nothing in common, but try telling that to the butterflies in her stomach. As the summer progresses Emily finds more and more of the walls she has built around herself beginning to crumble. It takes a colorful cast of characters, but with everyone’s help and a big push from Emily’s dead grandmother, Emily finds the courage to break free and start over.

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    Loved your book and gave you a 5-star review on Amazon. Thanks for the great story.

  2. Laure

    When is Starting from Scratch coming out?! I’m dying for another book!! I keep hoping it will be out soon, but no news!! Can you please let me know?! Thanks!!

  3. Paulina Favor

    Hi Sarah,
    I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed reading your books. I just finished reading your latest, Starting from Scratch and I couldn’t put it down!!! I literally stayed up last night to finish it. I love how the characters evolved through out the story on all of your books. I loved how the characters are strong and yet still has insecurities about themselves.
    I especially love how Emily realized how her attitude is hurting and isolating her son on the first book and how she completely changed herself on the second book. I admire her courage for leaving a marriage and putting her son first especially after she realized how neglectful her husband was to their son. I can relate to the emotions she went through and understand how she felt since I am also a single mother of two beautiful daughters.
    I laughed, cried and was encouraged along with Bree, Emily, Ray and MawMaw (loved that nickname for her grandma).
    Please, please tell me there’s more books??? They are amazing and can’t wait for the next chapters.
    I normally don’t write reviews or comments but I couldn’t wait to let you know what a wonderfull writer you are.

    • Paulina, I can’t tell you how much your comment means to me! To hear such wonderful things about a newly published book is awesome and reassuring. I’m thrilled that you connected with the characters! Thanks again, and don’t hesitate to share the book with friends and family, or encourage them to buy copies too! And writing a review on Amazon helps future readers make decisions about whether to buy the book as well. As far as more stories, I’m switching gears into a slightly different genre for my next series, but I won’t stop writing, don’t worry. 🙂

  4. Sheryl Bentley

    OMG, I just discovered your books. I love the Recipes for Romance series, will there be any more? I have told all my friends and now they are reading them. I hope to see more books from you. Thank you!!!

    • Sarah @ a Dash and a Pinch

      Hopefully one day! I’ve got a few ideas. Thanks so much for your note, I’m glad you liked them!

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