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Flatbread pizza with arugula, goat cheese, roasted red peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, and truffle oil

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This pizza was an experiment in recreating a dish I had from Mikro Beer Bar in Hamden, CT. I got it when I was staying with my sister’s family a few weeks back, and I could not stop obsessing about it!

The best thing about this pizza is the truffle oil.




Truffle oil.

I’ve been meaning to buy this expensive oil for months now, but finally I had enough incentive to do it. Never before have I experienced something as potent and magical as this, where just the smallest drops can transform your dish into something rich and sophisticated.

I’m torn between wanting to preserve what I have left in the bottle, and wanting to drizzle it on EVERYTHING. I’m starting to see why truffles are so expensive, and why people pay exorbitant amounts for the tiniest taste of one. And I’m bummed that I have such rich tastes on such a poor budget. But I can’t get enough of this stuff!

Hey, I’m sure the federal government won’t notice if I skip paying off my college loans for a month or two, right? Continue reading


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Arugula and grapefruit salad with shallot vinnaigrette

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Whenever I buy lettuce and salad ingredients at Wegmans, I have every intention of making a delicious, healthy, and colorful salad to accompany my dinners. And then I typically find said lettuce and vegetables rotting at the bottom of my fridge, weeks later. I’m not sure why I feel like making salad is such a tedious activity, but I bet it’s because, for the most part, just eating salad is tedious enough.

The trick is to find the right salads, and mix it up to always keep things interesting. I was a huge fan of the goat cheese and strawberry salad I made last summer, and so I thought I would make another simple salad with a few star ingredients to make it pop. In this case, it’s the grapefruit, and the incredible shallot dressing. Continue reading

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