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My first attempt at canning: pickled peppers

Special thanks to Tracy, over at SugarCrafter, for giving me lots of advice and for holding my hand throughout this whole process!!! She is definitely a master canner. pickle, pickled, peppers, banana, hot, slices, rings, salt, vinegar, canning, jar, diy

I have never pickled, canned, jammed, or jellied in my life, but since my garden has been so prolific recently (see below picture) I was left with an abundance of banana peppers.

photo (32)When I planted this thing in May, I had no experience with vegetable gardens in the least. I mean, hell, I didn’t start eating vegetables until two or three years ago! But I found some cheep plantling thingies at the garden store, and MacGyvered myself a dainty little veggie garden. Which, since taking this picture, has been expanded an extra 5 or so feet to give the eggplant (on the right) and the zucchini (on the left) more room to grow.

But back to the peppers.

pickle, pickled, peppers, banana, hot, slices, rings, salt, vinegar, canning, jar, diyTo the right of the out of control eggplants I have a green bell pepper plant, a yellow bell pepper plant, a banana pepper plant, and a tiny strawberry plant.

I spent labor day weekend in Buffalo at Kevin’s, and the first thing I did upon arriving home was to park my car and run into the backyard to check out my garden. Well, my eggplants had grown another six inches, blocking the light from reaching the left side of my peppers. As a result, all the peppers were on the right side, and the whole plant was dangerously close to tipping. So I picked all the peppers.  Continue reading


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Baking Bree seduction scene desserts part one: Banana bread pudding

banana, bread, pudding, brioche, white, chocolate, chips, semi-sweet, delicious, bread, ramekin, dessert, fruit

Baking Bree has been available on Amazon for three weeks now, and while the reviews are slow to come in, the feedback has been wonderful. When I set out to write a book that centered around food, I knew that there must be a way to incorporate it into the blossoming romance between Bree and Simon, her cooking instructor.

For things to heat up outside of the classroom, I decided to use Simon’s knowledge of baking and pastry making to whip up a delectable spread of desserts to tantalize Bree’s tastebuds.

banana, bread, pudding, brioche, white, chocolate, chips, semi-sweet, delicious, bread, ramekin, dessert, fruit

Each dish had to jump off the page (ok, screen) and into the reader’s mouth, making them crave the next bite as much as Bree was. To do this, I picked textural, aromatic, and flavorful dishes that, when paired with the right wines, work together to completely seduce the senses.

 Sound delicious? You can pick up a copy of the book on Amazon, and check out the scene for yourself (Chapter 15). And if you review the book (please please please!) and shoot me an email, I’ll put you on a list to receive the sequel, Starting from Scratch, for free!

Of course I have to get around to actually starting that one, so in the meantime, let’s start the seduction 😉 Continue reading


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Grilled peanut butter and banana split sandwich

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You know what? I think I’m getting way better at food photography and styling. 

Know how I know this? Because I have to spend WAY less time post processing my more recent photos, and when I look at the images I took, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of pride.

And hunger…

The recent additions to my photo “studio” (aka: dining room) have been my lovely macro lens, and two lowel ego lights. FINALLY I have a decent lighting set-up, and maybe, just maybe, one of my damn photos will make it onto food gawker. I’ll tell you more about the lights and lens and how great they are later (probably by updating my Photography page), but now I want to talk about lunch.

If memory serves me right, I don’t have any lunch recipes on my blog. Granted, I have a lot of meals that were reheated at lunch the following day, but never have I made and documented a dish specifically for the midday meal. Most of this stems from working 9-5 all week, but why not just make lunch on the weekends, Sarah?

Because I’m lazy. 

I’ve never been a sandwich person. I just haven’t. You might try to tell me that sandwiches are the lazy man’s ideal food, but from years of experience, I can assure you that a bowl of cereal provides an even faster way to fill your stomach. Bowl. Cereal. Milk. Spoon. Bam. Done.

None of this opening and closing refrigerator doors, aligning meat on the bread, spreading mayo and mustard and who knows what else, and to make matters worse, I rarely finish an entire sandwich. I have a tendency to get bored halfway through and walk away!

Now, you’re probably thinking, Why are you telling us this? Because I found an amazing sandwich that will tempt even the pickiest, laziest eaters ever. I devoured mine, and then immediately had to stop myself from making another. There’s always tomorrow though… Continue reading


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