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Cauliflower mashed potatoes


I have a confession. Until today, I have never eaten a cauliflower.

I mean, look at it:

It’s weird looking. Like an alien plant.

Or like God opened up his vegetable coloring book (I like to imagine him with the box of 64 crayons) to the broccoli page, got bored halfway through and said “screw it, it’s finished.”

It doesn’t even taste as good as broccoli, in my opinion. But now that I’ve cooked with it, I’m willing to cut the poor albino veggie some slack. It’s not his fault he isn’t as delicious as his green cousin.

I digress. Cauliflower mashed potatoes! I got the idea from Can you stay for Dinner? but realized I didn’t have quite the right ingredients, so I read through her recipe and another one I found online, and then just combined them all and made some steps up. And to my surprise it worked!

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