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Beer can chicken on the grill

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You know how chicken can be the most boring, dry, flavorless meat ever? How just the effort of chewing through the tough, overcooked meat of a chicken breast is exhausting?

The trick, my friends, is simple.


beer, can, chicken, grill, roast, stand up, butt, flavor, rub, shanty, soda, awesome


Beer can chicken, or stand up chicken, or beer in the butt chicken (I personally like that one), is one of the easiest ways to infuse flavor into a whole chicken. And you get to drink some beer!

I’ve heard of this being done with soda, which is something on my to-do list. But since Kevin, my personal beer-connoisseur, is home for the week, I let him pick a fun summery beer to use.

I luckily have this great contraption where you stick the beer can in the middle, and then shove it up the chicken’s butt. It makes the whole process easier, but I’ve seen people do it without the stand.

First you clean your chicken and pat it dry. Then you make a dry rub. We made a potent, smoky rub that we adapted from this recipe, and it was awesome.

beer, can, chicken, grill, roast, stand up, butt, flavor, rub, shanty, soda, awesome

I may have gone a little overboard with the seasoning though.

Ha. Look at his fat saggy belly.  Continue reading

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Cornish game hens with wild rice and mushroom stuffing

cornish, game, hens, poultry, chicken, stuffed, stuffing, mushroom, wild, rice, earthy, fall, autumn, fancy, date, romantic, sexy, porcini, shiitake, morel, chanterelle, legumes, veggies, vegan, vegetarian, roast, baked, crispy, tender, juicy, fungi

I’ve been sitting on this post for three weeks because I wasn’t thrilled with how the photos came out. I made this the weekend that my sister was in town, so I was trying to make a huge dinner while keeping an eye on my very curious nephew who suddenly wanted to cling to me. But I’m sucking it up and posting it, because regardless of how drab I made it seem with my less than stellar food styling, it was unbelievable. 

cornish, game, hens, poultry, chicken, stuffed, stuffing, mushroom, wild, rice, earthy, fall, autumn, fancy, date, romantic, sexy, porcini, shiitake, morel, chanterelle, legumes, veggies, vegan, vegetarian, roast, baked, crispy, tender, juicy, fungi


It was the most earthy, perfect-for-autumn dish you could imagine. I saw this recipe in my Oprah Magazine Cookbook that I got for Chanukah last year, and I’ve had it bookmarked for 10 months, just waiting for the leaves to start dropping so I could make this.

And it was worth the wait.  Continue reading


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Goldfish breaded chicken fingers

I’ve mentioned my nephew, Charlie, a few times already.

You know, the cutest damn kid in the world? And I’m not just saying that because I’m related to him, in fact, I consider many people I’m related to to be quite un-cute! 

You know who you are.

(Anna, I’m just kidding. You know you’re beautiful.)

P.S. for clarity, I will be supplementing this recipe with toddler speak, so that Charlie may understand this post and appreciate the love I have for him. 

Fsh in a haT

But anyway, one of Charlie’s favorite things (probably his favorite word, too!) is Goldfish (“Fsh”) crackers. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him more than five feet away from a cup full of them, and he’s munching on them all day, every day (“more, peas!”).

So when I found this idea in my Dinner Express (better homes and gardens) book, I knew I would have to adapt it for my favorite little guy! Continue reading


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Popcorn chicken (made with real popcorn!)

popcorn chicken, popcorn, real, made with real popcorn, lemon, fried chicken, chicken strips, chicken nuggets, kids, easy, fun, simple, weeknight, barbeque sauce, dipping, popped, corn, coating, bread crumbs, kernels, Parents magazine, recipes

How was your memorial day weekend? Mine was fabulous!!!

I went to my second cousin’s Bar Mitzvah in NYC, and the party was beyond amazing. As in, I had caviar, lamb chops, center cut sirloin, pizza with truffle oil, dim sun, crab cakes, cheese of every variety, and there was an open bar, of course 🙂

I got to introduce the boyfriend to my family, and I was able to impress everyone with how much I’ve matured in the past year, as well as bore them with details of my new job.

You heard me correctly. I have a new job. 

YAY!!! Only weeks before my current research grant ran out, I was offered a full time position doing super exciting clinical research. I made those brain cupcakes after my interview two weeks ago, and they ended up being the good luck charm I needed! So there’s going to be a lot of changes in the next few weeks, and I have no clue how my schedule will adapt to blogging/cooking/photography. But hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up, because I can’t imagine my life without it.

And while I was recovering from my food induced coma this weekend I found this recipe for real popcorn chicken in my sister’s Parents magazine, and immediately tore out the page. I imagined it would be a fun thing to make, and I was right! Continue reading


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Bacon-wrapped chicken breasts stuffed with goat cheese and spinach

stuffed chicken, goat cheese, spinach, bacon, bacon-wrapped chicken, bacon wrapped chicken, juicy chicken, easy chicken recipe, easy recipes, dinner recipe, chicken dinner, chicken breast, butterflied chicken, sausage

Some of my favorite cooking is when I get home from work, look in the fridge, and say, “what can I make with this?” It’s a fun form of problem solving for me. Sometimes I look up recipes, but more often than not I just make something up, hoping I create something new and exciting.

On one particular night my sister called as I was pulling out the possible ingredients, and she asked me what I was making. I said I didn’t know yet, so she asked what I had. I told her:

  • chicken breasts
  • goat cheese
  • spicy sausage
  • broccoli
  • mushrooms
  • bacon

I had been planning on chopping it all up and maybe sauteing everything, perhaps tossing it with pasta? But Leah saved the day once again and told me:

“Here’s what you do. You butterfly the chicken breasts. Cook the sausage and break it up, then mix it with the goat cheese. Stuff the chicken with the goat cheese mixture, and wrap it in bacon.”

She blew my mind, and dinner that night was so incredible I decided I needed to make it again and document it for the blog. This time I stuffed it with a goat cheese/spinach mixture, but feel free to throw in whatever you want! I’m thinking next time I’ll add fresh basil, maybe some garlic or mushrooms? Continue reading


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Matzo ball soup

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When I was three years old my family moved to Rochester, New York, from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and found ourselves living next door to the most wonderful family ever. They welcomed us to the neighborhood and into their home, and 20 years later, they are as close to my family as any of my relatives.

Marilyn, Jim, and their daughter Johanna have always been my biggest fans. Every accomplishment I’ve ever made, they’ve been there, rooting me on. It’s nice to have a support group that’s only a few minutes away, and when my mother and I don’t always see eye to eye (that only happens when Jupiter and Mercury are in alignment), it helps to have some adults take my side.

As my extended family is scattered up and down the East coast, my mother, sister and I would spend most of our holidays with Marilyn’s family. I must have been very young when we spent our first Passover together because I don’t remember eating matzo ball soup for the first time, but as far back as I can recall, it’s always been my favorite food.

For a picky eater, one of your biggest concerns is getting enough to eat. If you’re sitting at the dinner table and you don’t like what’s served to you, chances are you’re going to be eating cereal again or going to bed hungry. I’ve never had that problem with matzo ball soup. Every year I eagerly anticipate stuffing my face with fluffy matzo balls until I have to unbutton my pants, and every year Marilyn has made the most incredible soup from scratch. She taught me how to make it years ago (it’s easy!), and now I’m going to share it with you, so that you can make it yourselves! Continue reading


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Date night: Moroccan food and Casablanca

I’ve mentioned before how much of a cinephile I am, so it’ll come as no surprise then that when I heard that they were rereleasing Casablanca for one night in theaters to celebrate the 70th anniversary of this classic film, I jumped onto Fandango and bought my tickets immediately.

It would be too easy for me to dive into what makes this film so amazing, but this isn’t a film blog (idea for a spinoff blog maybe?), it’s a cooking blog. So to tie everything together, Kevin and I decided we would whip up a delicious Moroccan meal before we went to see the movie. It would be our first successful date night, seeing as how our Valentine’s day dinner plans were foiled by the sudden and violent onset of my stomach flu. 😛 Continue reading


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Bacon wrapped beer can chicken

beer can chicken, bacon chicken, bacon beer roast chicken, bacon beer, oven, grill, Guy, Guy Fieri, Chicken, Bacon, Beer, Seasoned roast chicken, Flavorful chicken, Moist Chicken

In an effort to break myself out of my cooking slump, I thought I would try focusing on a single ingredient rather than a technique, method, or nationality of food. And what better ingredient to inspire greatness than bacon?!

This may not come as a surprise to many of you, but it turns out that pretty much everything is infinitely more awesome when you add bacon. So with that in mind, I set out to create the ultimate roast chicken using bacon and beer. Or, as I like to call it, the Ron Swanson experience (Parks and Rec anyone? Anyone? No? Moving on…)

When you cover a small chicken with bacon and shove a beer can up his butt, you really lock in the moisture. Disappointingly, however, this wasn’t as bacon-y as I’d anticipated! The texture and juiciness of the meat was perfect, but I found the flavor to be a little lackluster, almost dull even. I think I prefer my usual method of making beer can chicken, which I will post eventually.

But just for fun, here’s this recipe.  Continue reading


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Fried chicken with cayenne and paprika

Believe it or not, this was actually our second attempt at making fried chicken. The first time Ken found a recipe online for spicy siracha marinated fried chicken, and seeing as how much we love siracha, we went for it. I was busy making the carrot cake for Thanksgiving, so I didn’t really read the recipe. But I may have turned the heat up too high by accident, and the second the chicken touched the boiling oil it blackened. We then had to cook it for 20 more minutes, watching disparingly as it got darker and darker and darker.

By the time it was done it was charred beyond recognition. We were laughing so hard the whole time, because when you ruin dinner that badly, the only thing left to do is laugh. That, and heat up a can of spaghettios.

But this time we succeeded beyond my wildest dreams! No joke, this chicken was so easy and amazingly delicious, I was floored. It is going to become part of the regular rotation. So if you’ve never fried chicken before, try it!

Continue reading


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Chinese food part 1: sweet and spicy takeout chicken

I only started cooking a few months ago, but in that short time I’ve seen myself improving vastly. I have also played it fairly safe, and by that I mean I stick to the same flavors and just mix and match them.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with that (we all know how much I love garlic, paprika and buffalo sauce!), but as a food blogger I feel like I have a responsibility to challenge myself and provide you guys with some variety.

So each week, schedule permitting, I am going to pick a new and exciting dish, method or style and document my attempts to mix things up!

For my first week, I let Ken (the best friend, photography and tech wizard, and taste tester for those of you just joining us) pick the style. He of course chose Chinese food, which was convenient because we already bought these cute plates and bowls. I myself am not the hugest fan of Chinese food, but that’s not because I don’t like the flavors as much as I’m a little (ok, a lot!) OCD and I don’t like my food touching each other.

Fun story, I actually spent 3 weeks in China when I was 16. It was exciting and beautiful, but because I was still in my chicken fingers and spaghettios phase, the food was way too different for me. I ended up losing about 10 pounds.

But I feel like my tastes have matured enough to try it again! On our menu we had:

  • Sweet and spicy takeout style chicken on top of white rice (this post)
  • vegetable lo mein (upcoming post)
  • Chinese tea and fortune cookies

I know these are probably American-style Chinese food recipes, but until I master the techniques I’ll stick with these. 🙂

Sweet and Spicy Chinese Takeout Chicken

Continue reading


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