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Time for another wedding post, over 1 year since I got married! One of the most stressful things for me was picking out my wedding stationary. I kept going back and forth between making my own and buying invitations from a company. But the kind that I wanted would have cost us roughly 1 billion dollars.


So finally I collected inspiration from invitations I liked, created my own template using Adobe InDesign, found a local printer, and got started. I ended up with a multi-step process that, when all put together, looked amazing and professional. Granted, it took a long time, but if you have endless patience and some audio books, you'll end up with awesome invites for a FRACTION of the cost.

P.S. If people are interested, I can provide my indesign template fo frizzles


So here is the full bundle. I had: ...continue reading


Time for my first official wedding craft post! During the process of crafting my wedding, I was obviously way too busy to stop, grab my SLR, start snapping photos, edit said photos, and blog about the photos. So almost a year after my wedding I will now piece together pictures, videos (if I have some of my processes) and combine them with links I used as inspiration for the whole project so that some other DIY-happy, pinterest-obsessed brides can use them!

paper, fan, tutorial, wedding, backdrop, rosettes, photobooth, glue, DIY, pinterest, background

I already posted this picture, right? THIS is my fan wall that Kevin and I spent weeks and weeks making.

paper, fan, tutorial, wedding, backdrop, rosettes, photobooth, glue, DIY, pinterest, background

Here it is at the end of the aisle, just waiting for the bride and the groom.

The Specs:

16 ft wide by 8 ft tall. Several hundred fans, roughly $300 to make. Hours and hours of folding, gluing, and paper cuts. ...continue reading


Type in Foodgawker.com and look at the pictures. What do you see?

Sexy distressed wood backgrounds. banana, bread, pudding, chocolate, white, gooey, delicious, easy

Even just a tiny bit of wood peeking out of the corner gives the photos that earthy, down-home, picnic table vibe. And it's huge in food photography right now.

I mean, what other background is as non-distracting, but yet adds so much texture and life to the photos?

I've been lusting over wooden backgrounds for a year, since I got "serious" about food styling. It finally took a trip to home depot with my boyfriend to actually get these made! And I'm here to show you how I made EIGHT different wood backdrops for under $30!!!

image_13Look at all that wood!

So, first, go to Home Depot. Walk up and down the lumber aisles and debate the different lengths, widths, and grains of all the wood.

Then, find the clearance bin.  ...continue reading

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As I mentioned in my About Me section, I work in a University lab studying turtles.

Their vestibular systems, to be exact.

Looks like this

One of my coworkers is going back to graduate school this fall, and his last day is this Wednesday. I knew that I had to make him some turtle shaped cookies, but the problem was I couldn't find any cookie cutters. (Amazingly, it was the one shape that was left out of my box of 100 cookie cutters)

So I decided to make my own!

What you will need:

  • A sheet of cheap aluminum cookware (I got a cookie sheet)
  • good scissors
  • a ruler
  • a pen
  • a picture of your desired shape (I printed one because I was in a lazy mood, but feel free to draw your own)
  • Electrical tape, or other thick tape

...continue reading