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Homemade doughnuts

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So as always, I’m a little late posting these. They were supposed to be a Chanukah treat for all of you, but just like last year’s Latke recipe, I kept convincing myself I had time to post them. I made them early enough, it’s just whenever I sat down in front of Lightroom with over 150 photos to sort though and edit I would find something else that needed to be done. Like do some more online shopping, or check how many books I sold in the last twenty minutes, or check the word count on my current book.

You know, important things.

But, enough is enough. Just because I missed out on posting these as a Chanukah recipe doesn’t mean they weren’t good, and gosh darnit, they are not going to sit on my computer until next year. Because most likely, I will be a much better photographer by then, and so embarrassed by my crude attempt at food styling that I will refuse to post them.

Which, if I could find my archive of photos from a year ago, I’d show you the difference.  Continue reading


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