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My favorite pumpkin cookies


Hi, Autumn! Let me officially welcome you. You are my favorite season, and I’m fairly certain that a good portion of New Englanders (especially food bloggers!) agree with me.

But we feel that way at the start of every season, don’t we? At the beginning of spring, we’re so excited to have fresh vegetables and fruit, and we are re-encouraged to brighten up meals that had become so dull in the winter months.

Summer comes, and we are just so freaking happy to roll out the grill and throw some big, bloody meat onto it. It’s also the season of watermelon, lemonade, ice-cream, and homegrown veggies.

Autumn arrives with that delicious, home-cooked aroma that reminds you of curling up with a blanket, playing in the leaves, breaking out your Northface and scarves (the iconic NE signal that fall has officially arrived). It smells like cinnamon and allspice, roasted poultry and heavenly sauces. It smells like delicious, savory desserts that are made with some of our favorite autumn staples: maple, apples, pumpkins…

And then there’s winter. Typically I get all depressed because, for cooking, it’s the season that arrives with a big fat tuba player behind it going “Womp womp.” By the end of winter, you might scream if you have to eat roast anything. 

But back to Fall! Yay! (I am so not ready for winter) Continue reading

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