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Star Wars birthday cake

I know, I know. I’ve been bad at blogging this year. But I’ve been great about everything else! I’ve been working hard at work, my book, some art projects, and oh yeah, a ginormous cake that totally blows away anything else I’ve ever made!!!

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That’s right. The most epic cake ever, and totally a surprise for Kevin’s 26th birthday (he thought I was making a tardis cake! Could we get any nerdier?)

I started this on Sunday and finally stacked it on Friday. It consists of 12 separate cake layers (chocolate and vanilla alternating) with buttercream filling, and about six pounds of homemade marshmallow fondant. People seem surprised when they discover how expensive wedding cakes are. I will guess that this barely made it under $100, especially when I take into account all the extra tools and supplies from Michaels I needed. It’s almost creepy how much butter and sugar is in that thing…

I designed it months ago, knowing that Kevin’s birthday falls only three days after our one-year anniversary (we always joke about our poor planning). I of course knew right away that I wanted to do Star Wars, because I thought it would work perfectly for the ambitious, multi-tiered design I had in mind.  Continue reading


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