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Fruity pebbles rice krispies treats

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It’s not unusual (cue the Carlton dance!) for people to go through phases with their eating habits. For most people, that’s something like “I love avocados  and I’m adding them to tons of dishes!” or “I can’t stop eating pints of Ben and Jerry’s since the breakup!” or even “I’m so broke this month all I’m eating is ramen and mac n cheese.”

For someone like me (read: weird), these phases usually involve cereal. For new readers, understand that cereal basically raised me. As a child who hated everything her mother cooked, cereal stepped in. It was a quick breakfast before the bus came, it was dinner when mom made pot roast, it was a sweet dessert while watching tv.  Continue reading

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Homemade zebra cakes

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Since I embarked on my cooking adventure, I’ve noticed several changes in my life. The first being that I started losing weight, which was astonishing to me because I cooked relatively unhealthy things with absurd quantities of butter. The second change was that my cholesterol plummeted. Literally, I went from having the cholesterol of a 60 year old obese chain-smoker to a healthy number in the “low-risk” group.

The third change, and the one that really made the biggest impact, was that I stopped buying and eating so much processed foods. Before I cooked, everything I ate came out of a can, or from the freezer, or from individually wrapped packages. Granted, I still partake in the occasional can of spaghettios, but my consumption of Tyson frozen chicken and Little Debbie snacks has nearly been reduced to zero.

But man, do I miss those Little Debbie snacks. I have so many childhood (ok, and adulthood) memories of eating package after package of oatmeal cream pies, cosmic brownies, and zebra cakes, and then having a stomachache and berating myself for my lack of self control.

When Ken and I started this cooking thing over the summer, when both of us were trying to drop 5-10 pounds and get healthier, we agreed upon a rule:

No junk food unless you make it yourself!

This simple rule has proven itself time and time again. It gives you the freedom to cook and eat what you want, as long as you make it from scratch! Feeling like eating mac and cheese? Make it yourself. Want to eat an entire batch of brownies? No problem, as long as they didn’t come from a mix. Craving those Little Debbie snacks? Figure out a way to make them yourself 🙂 Continue reading


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Cake batter rice krispies treats





 But seriously, who doesn’t? And when you combine rice krispies treats, sprinkles and just a hint of cake batter, you get the most deliciously amazing dessert, and will be the envy of all your friends.

Believe me, I know this from experience.

I’m not the first to make these, by any means. I got the recipe from How sweet it is, and it looked too perfect to adapt so I left it as is!

You will need:

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