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101 uses for Matzo

Chag Sameach, everyone! 

For the goyim in the room, that means happy passover. Yes, it’s that wonderful time of year, the time we all look forward to ever so much. The time where we can’t eat bread.

Now, I’m not what you would call deeply religious.  I consider myself more spiritual, if you must know. But the one part about Judaism I will always embrace is the food.

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 So Passover remains my favorite holiday, mostly because of the matzo ball soup. And despite the matzo.

Oh, matzo. You dry, tasteless, crumbly cracker, you. You’re good for the first day, but by the end of the week I want to punch you. But of course that would just add more crumbs to the steadily growing pile on my floor, so I must refrain.

So what happens when you accidentally purchase 5 boxes of matzo? You simply have to come up with creative ways to use it. Continue reading

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Matzo ball soup

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When I was three years old my family moved to Rochester, New York, from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and found ourselves living next door to the most wonderful family ever. They welcomed us to the neighborhood and into their home, and 20 years later, they are as close to my family as any of my relatives.

Marilyn, Jim, and their daughter Johanna have always been my biggest fans. Every accomplishment I’ve ever made, they’ve been there, rooting me on. It’s nice to have a support group that’s only a few minutes away, and when my mother and I don’t always see eye to eye (that only happens when Jupiter and Mercury are in alignment), it helps to have some adults take my side.

As my extended family is scattered up and down the East coast, my mother, sister and I would spend most of our holidays with Marilyn’s family. I must have been very young when we spent our first Passover together because I don’t remember eating matzo ball soup for the first time, but as far back as I can recall, it’s always been my favorite food.

For a picky eater, one of your biggest concerns is getting enough to eat. If you’re sitting at the dinner table and you don’t like what’s served to you, chances are you’re going to be eating cereal again or going to bed hungry. I’ve never had that problem with matzo ball soup. Every year I eagerly anticipate stuffing my face with fluffy matzo balls until I have to unbutton my pants, and every year Marilyn has made the most incredible soup from scratch. She taught me how to make it years ago (it’s easy!), and now I’m going to share it with you, so that you can make it yourselves! Continue reading


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