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Pasta with goat cheese sauce, chicken, asparagus, and mushrooms

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You might notice a goat cheese trend on my blog, and there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this phenomenon: I freaking love goat cheese.

But the main reason is because my boyfriend is lactose intolerant, and as he loves to cook with me, we have been trying out some low-lactose dishes. Luckily, there are some amazing recipes with goat cheese out there, like this delicious pasta medley that incorporates the goat cheese into a tangy, alfredo-like sauce.

Disclaimer: the photography might not be quite up to par for this post, as I was cooking at Kevin’s apartment and he has little to no counter space to set up lights.  Continue reading

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Toasted baguettes with goat cheese, basil, and shallots


goat cheese, shallots, basil, fresh herbs, fresh, minced, chopped, baguettes, toasts, toasted, baguette, french bread, sliced bread, baked, crispy, cheese, herbs, fresh herbs

You know how oftentimes at a party, the first appetizer to disappear is the simplest one? People will always love complicated dips, and food wrapped in other foods of course, but sometimes they just want something safe and delicious. Well, these toasted baguettes are easy to make and as non-threatening as you can get with an appetizer, and each bite packs a big punch of fresh flavor.

I don’t need to write paragraphs about how delicious these are, because I’m pretty sure that by reading “toasted baguettes with goat cheese, basil, and shallots,” you acquired a general idea of what they taste like. So lets skip right to the chase! Continue reading


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Arugula and grapefruit salad with shallot vinnaigrette

arugula, grapefruit, salad, shallot vinaigrette, shallot dressing, grapefruit salad, summer salad, homemade dressing, homemade, delicious, arugula, spring, summer, colorful, it's all about the dressing salad, 100 recipes every woman should know, Cindi Leive

Whenever I buy lettuce and salad ingredients at Wegmans, I have every intention of making a delicious, healthy, and colorful salad to accompany my dinners. And then I typically find said lettuce and vegetables rotting at the bottom of my fridge, weeks later. I’m not sure why I feel like making salad is such a tedious activity, but I bet it’s because, for the most part, just eating salad is tedious enough.

The trick is to find the right salads, and mix it up to always keep things interesting. I was a huge fan of the goat cheese and strawberry salad I made last summer, and so I thought I would make another simple salad with a few star ingredients to make it pop. In this case, it’s the grapefruit, and the incredible shallot dressing. Continue reading

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French food part 2: steak au poivre

steak, sautee, saute, steak au poivre, french steak, beef, steak with french sauce

When you read a recipe that has a fire warning, you can’t help feel a little nervous. You also start to get really excited, anticipating the moment when you get to pour the brandy into the pan, imagining the flames leaping upwards to lick the hood of your stove, almost feeling the intense heat on your smiling face.

So when the moment finally arrives and nothing happens, it’s quite a let down. Which isn’t to say that the recipe wasn’t a success, because it was. The steak turned out perfectly, the sauce was so subtle and rich, and the combined flavors were awesome.

But I wanted to watch stuff blow up. *pouts*

Along with the steak, we also made herbed potatoes and asparagus with a french vinaigrette, recipes that I will post shortly. All in all, I think French week was a great success!

It was daunting going into this meal in particular, because everything cooked so fast. We found ourselves measuring out everything before hand and lining it up in the order that we would add it, so that we didn’t mess up once things started cooking (Mise en place, for you cooking people). I think it’s a great technique when you have meals that move quickly, but I prefer to take my time, chop as I go. I call it the “sit and drink some wine and surf the internet while your food cooks” method. 🙂

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